Saturday, 10 January 2015

1965 Ford Mustang Factory Power Steering for 6 Cylinder powered Mustangs

 Summer is here and its time to get the car ready for plenty of cruising.

First Summer project was to install Ford Factory Power Steering.

Exactly like the factory optional one that was available in 1965.

 It took a bit time to collect all the various parts needed but I wanted it to be the factory original set up. 

What an improvement, I really recommend this, it has transformed the car completely, so much nicer to drive, I was a bit in two minds when I decided to fit Power Steering, particularly when they are not really hard to drive without power steer but I'm totally sold on it.

1965 Ford Pump came from Chuckostang in the States, they specialise in Power Steering and Brakes.
 Nice paint job,notice factory correct colours on this rebuilt original unit.

Adding Power Steering means adding more Belts and Pulleys  and changing all the Tie Rods along with the Pitman Arm. This not a cheap exercise as all Power Steering parts for 6 cylinder Mustang are scarce and expensive, tie rod ends for example are 3 times the price of  the V8 equivalent parts.

1965 1966 Mustang Power Steering Pitman Arm

 Factory mounting brackets also sourced from Chuckostang.

This was a original 6 Cylinder control valve which I got on eBay and had been advertised as refurbished.
 I still took it apart and rebuilt it myself for piece of mind. Just as well, some parts were missing and some of the adjustments were wrong. I also found the ball stud was not free enough and fouling.

All the steering parts are cleaned and rebuilt or new and ready for re-assembly

  New Crank Pulley add-on, hoses, belt and fittings.

Just a note with the add-on crank pulley they are really tight to go on the harmonic balancer.

You are better to press fit the pulley into the balancer, use the bolts to line up the holes and then tighten up the bolts last thing.

Do not tighten the 3 small bolts and expect the pulley to seat properly into the balancer, the tabs are too small  and weak and would break off.

I was lucky enough to come across an HCC AW steering box

HCC AW steering box was the original box that was used for power steering mustangs in 1965 and they had the 4 turn lock to lock quick ratio.
I purchased a inch / pound torque wrench to measure and adjust the steering box before installing it.
This is the only way to make sure the settings are right so that the steering box will last.

                    Hoses, control valve, steering links and power ram all fitted and ready to run

Its a good idea to check nothing is fouling up or rubbing.

Result very happy with my power steering and I would recommend it to anyone contemplating it just be prepared for the expense and do it properly.You don't want leaks and you don't want noises, get good parts research properly and take your time putting it together.

Something of interest, I was clearing out the garage of old broken parts etc and I decided to keep the mustang emblem of this steering wheel horn, so I drilled out the rivets from the back and found the Falcon Sprint logo behind the mustang badge shows you how closely related they are.

Falcon Sprint Logo

Factory original Mustang part No C5ZA-13A800-B.2